Shamim attributes his creativity to Almighty, the only creative force in the universe.  The logical evolution from a highly skilled photographer to a film maker was spontaneous.

In the erstwhile advertising firm of his wife, he used to “contribute” significantly towards making advertising TV commercials and corporate films.

Even in the field of film making, he is self trained. He writes his own script and is gifted with the sense of cinematography, but he “prefers” to watch the monitor as a director in his audio visual projects.

Almost more than a decade back, he started his debut feature film which could not be competed due to several reasons. That devastated him, and he decided never to venture into that field again.

He evolved as a writer and photographer, who has produced four coffee table books and three more are in pipeline.

During his first Kailasa Yatra in 2009, he was working on his coffee table book. Again when he went to the holy mount in 2010, he also carried a small video camera to make a short film about this holy yatra for Sasmita’s grandmother, who was on the death bed.

He was primarily working on his book where he needed to take still pictures and there was no assistant with him either. Still he was able to make a 38 minutes film about the yatra and the spiritual relevance of it. He did the camera, wrote the script and edited it himself. Mr. Anand Kumar, his professor from JNU, found the script powerful and decided to do the voice over.

At a private screening of the film was highly appreciated by Dr. Karan Singh, Mr. Ved Pratap Vaidik, and many other elderly people. Now the film is being finalized to be released soon.

Here is a glimpse….


Besides, he has just finished his first music video with a band he discovered. That will also be uploaded here soon.

Taking the divine call from the Abode of Shiva which resulted in the Kailasa yatra film, he has decided to make his debut directorial feature film which will go on floor by the end of this year.